Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Makes A Good Day?

1. Going to the gym

2. Wearing a supercute outfit (including a vintage wool skirt bought years ago and never worn before)

3. Going grocery shopping and the taxi driver takes you DIRECTLY there without ripping you off

4. Discovering where to buy supercute cupcake cups and almond meal from

5. Ticking off your shopping list efficently

6. Your friends recommendations being spot on for the best fruit & veges and getting amazing service

7. Not ever having to walk ages away down a dirt road for fruit & veges ever again

8. Getting a cab hailed for you and the taxi driver takes you DIRECTLY home without ripping you off

To celebrate, I think I shall bake.


  1. And coincidentally, Ice Cube loves baking!

  2. love your productivity and efficiency. i still haven't got out of my laziness since i came back from holiday. i really haven't done anything much since i came back because work has been crazy. SIGH. can you come back to sydney soon so we can hang out?