Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three's A Charm

Yeeyee, Daphne and us on the Hanoi Street Food Tour

Angie & Christa embracing Asian poses

Renee and Emily @ Cong Caphe
Amazingly, in the last two weeks we managed to have 3 sets of guest stay with us back to back. The great part about this is getting to show people that you do in fact live in Hanoi, and all the things you love about it (in case that sounds sarcastic is isn't). It also means there's lots of validation that it's not easy living here and it's also an excuse to get Johnny to take me to my favourite french restaurant La Badiane. Any excuse is a good excuse.

I'm going to do a post of all the must-do things in Hanoi in case anyone ever needs it. But in the meantime, here are some high and low-lights from our guests.

Top 3 Highlights
1. Listening to John have the conversation with the bakery
2. Caphe Cong and the special caphe (yoghurt coffee!)
3. Walking the streets of the old town and lake
3. Doing the exercise class (park booty dancing)
4. Mint slice cake

1. Tai chi on board the boat at Ha Long Bay
2. Eating bun cha
3. The crazy energy

1. Fried noodles on the Hanoi Street Food Tour
2. Bar Betta
3. The sunset at Ha Long Bay

1. Street Food tour!! loved loved loved. I actually really like the last bit where we had squid and sat by the side of the street on the straw mats
2. Getting to visit the wet market and the cooking class. Wet markets were more interesting for me.
3. Getting to see u the lady of lesiure u in full glory! muahahahahahahha

Top 3 Lowlights
1. Getting ripped off
2. Feeling like i was getting ripped off
3. Watching the driver run over to us and knowing that my life was in his hands
4. Feeling very fat

1. Rotting seafood garbage on the streets
2. Shrimp paste
3. Public urination

1. Undisciplined children
2. The beeping
3. Bad air

Who else can add some high and low-lights?

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  1. i'm not going to repeat any from your other guests because i pretty much have the same things. but here are a few highs and lows in hanoi that haven't already mentioned...

    - your full air-con apartment with pin codes door instead of keys (not a vietnamese experience but still amazing to me!)
    - wi-fi everywhere you go (except the airport, WHY?)

    - missing my luggage and had to harass them at least 5 phone calls to sort it out
    - SWEAT like i've ever been before