Friday, June 29, 2012

Saigon...not so bad after all

Last weekend we went to HCMC - Johnny for work and me just to tag along. I didn't want to go actually but I'm glad I did because I became a little less of of a city hater. I still felt a tad claustrophobic but I caught up with Nikki and after we had cupcakes at L'usine, checked out a few boutiquey clothes stores and had a drink at Decibel I was a little more sold. Staying at the New World Hotel on the fancy executive floor in a bed I can only describe as a giant silk nest giving you hugs probably helped too.

Other highlights included eating Beard Papa, Warda and The Deck (staples), buying the above bunny and dinosaur knick knacks (whose names are now Nibbles & Bits) and Johnny surprising me with a new ukulele (may or may not have had something to do with him getting insanely drunk the night before).

In other news, back here in Hanoi we're putting our new Accor card to good use. You have to buy it but it means you get a free night in any worldwide hotel AND, this is the best part, 50% food at any of the hotels. You know what that means? 50% off at our beloved Metropole. #win

It's only recently occurred to us that we're heading off the Bali and Singapore next week too. #doublewin. Can't wait!

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