Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Moon Festival Hanoi Style

The most insane thing to do on any type of Vietnamese public holiday is to go into the old quarter- think massive pushy crowds and the inability to move anywhere. Last weekend was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (something to do with a magic pill and a rabbit- who knows) and that's exactly what Chryssie and I did. 

Last time we ventured into the old quarter was on national day and we rode our bicycles in - that was hilarious in that it could only be described as "defensive riding". This time we walked in and it wasn't too bad. The moon festival called for lots of wearing stuff on heads (think Minnie ears and giant bows) and the buying of lots of cheap colourful "stuff". I even ended up buying a pink cardigan, red heart headband and exploding confetti tubes (that in itself is another post).


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  1. I love all the colour, crowd and craziness. Also, a magic pill and a rabbit? Sounds exactly like your kind of festival x