Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eye Stye Cry, Maintenance Men & The Magic Park

I'm not quite sure what they were doing but I'm not quite sure of anything here

Patterns patterns patterns. Love the colour palette.

How can you beat pos like this?

I don't think they're really mother & daughter

Hello Kitty bike

Woop new cushions

I'm sure you can feel my excitement radiating over these pots. Johnny picked them out!

News so far:

:: This damn eye stye has ruled my life for the last week. Screw you Wikipedia- eyelash follicle hmph! Johnny convinced me to go the doctor and $125 later they told me it was because of bacteria in the eye. Ew.

:: Cooking dinner at the first time was an experience- crappy pots with rounded bottoms meant none sat right which meant they rattled and didn’t heat, everything needed to be washed in either filtered water or douched in boiling water, and our stupid electric stovetop makes no sense & only half works. Did I mention we also have no oven? *Sigh* Who said being a housewife was easy?

:: Living in our building meant I had THREE maintenance men and a cleaner come INTO our apartment and into our bedroom when I was in the shower (with the door open). I thought it was Johnny coming home early. IT WASN’T. I’m pretty laid back about most things but this scared the shit out of me.

:: Our gym needs a special mention- everything is brand new and it’s always mostly empty (it’s hideously expensive). The funny thing is that there are always mostly women, and they’re all doing weights too. I’m determined to make use of it and get super fit (and by fit I mean hot).

:: When I was living in HCMC I only got up early once and I was shocked to find massive amounts of people exercising and walking the streets. Considering it was still before dawn the scene resembled one from an all too real zombie movie.

Last week I couldn’t sleep and ended up waking Johnny up so we could walk around the lake near our house. I wasn’t quite sure what we'd see, but when I saw this, I couldn’t contain myself.

The entire lake looked like the morning after a big trashy music festival where no one had slept and things were getting special. Area after area of loud trance music with people dancing/ exercising, people doing weird things (i.e. frog leaping by themselves), everyone staring at us, it’s unexplainable.

It was the single most amazing thing I’ve seen in Vietnam. Ever.

So that's some of the news over here. Will post photos of our place soon.

Is it really that cold in Sydney now?


  1. it IS that cold in sydney.

    zomg i was literally LOL-ing in front of my screen reading your post. particularly on the maintenance men & cleaner bit. and on the youtube video. GOLD!

  2. I'm glad I could made you LOL a thousand miles away. Can't wait until you come so we can go to the park!

  3. Holy shit, it's a mass vietnamese zumba class.