Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Things I found out in Hong Kong

ONE. I can't speak Chinese. Obvious I know, huh? However, this certainly became clearer surrounded by Cantonese and understanding lots, but not actually being able to put what I needed to say together properly. Life fail.

TWO. To my surprise there are Mandarin speaking people everywhere. This includes "has no idea" woman who replaced "onto it guy" calling out numbers at yum cha. You can't call out numbers only in Mandarin. Not fair.

THREE. There are heaps and heaps of people. Like, HEAPS. I certainly do not remember this from my trip there years ago. We were in Mong Kok and were shocked to be swept up in a tidal wave crowd of people. We even had to ask if it was "normal".

FOUR. I am not as weird as I thought- being in my 20's and still holding on to a passionate love of Hello Kitty and all things cute, you often get certain 'wow that's a bit funny/weird' vibes from people. Almost everyone has laughed at my Hello Kitty phone case *sad face*. Going to Hong Kong has confirmed my suspicion that Asians have an inbuilt gene to love cute stuff. It was everywhere- from an air hostess with bear earrings to old people with Mickey Mouse t-shirts to bank promotions. And I freakin loved it.

FIVE. It's really easy to get around. And the city isn't scary. The train is great and is almost on par with Bangkok's BTS. Their Airport Express puts Sydney to shammmme. I'm not even going to bother comparing Vietnam.

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