Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chicken with no head please

Every so often I ask my maid to help me buy groceries and things from the market (even after all this time it's still daunting). This time I asked her to asked her to buy a whole chicken. I spelled it out in vietnamese and did a google image search and pointed to a chicken. She pointed to the rooster. I pointed to the chicken.

In this process as best I could I mimiced without the head. She totally got it. Of course, westerner, no head.

The next day she arrived with bags of things and took me through them. At the very end she said "chicken!". "Chicken!" I exclaimed in my own head. She pointed to the bag acted out a head being cut off before opening it up and pulling out...the chicken's head.

She looked at me again and mimiced the head being cut off.

That's what I wanted right?

*On a side note, it wasn't actually it was a rooster. Do not ever buy/eat rooster. Even after I steamed it, removing the meat off the bones was an Olympic event.


  1. lol. Reminded me of the first time I bought a 'Frozen Chook' from Citimart. Head and Feet included. I had to call my mum and cry.