Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in Hanoi

I haven't been a huge fan of Christmas in my adult life but now I know why- Australia is doing it wrong. Vietnam has it down pat and identified it's all about two things: decorations and photos. And lots, and lots of both. I came home to the above craziness happening all around our apartment.

Most girls dress in various amounts of red clothing and there seems to be a surge in professional photographers around too. My favourite outfit so far has to be this:

The other key thing to do is to dress your child in Santa-like outfits which of course you can buy here:

As for us, we're heading off to Bangkok today to spend it with the Taracanis! Here's hoping Thailand has the Christmas spirit down pat too.

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  1. wow. sydney is nowhere near to beat this. are those girls dressed up randomly or how? have fun in bangkok!