Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Final Countdown

So this happened two days ago. Four guys came to our apartment, we pointed at stuff and a hour and a half later all our things were individually wrapped, boxed and gone.

My final days include having my tailor make as many dresses as possible, getting everything I can think of framed (seriously why is it so exxy in Oz?), perming my hair so I look like a k-pop star, catching up with people and eating as much as possible.

Johnny has been playing football and generally making the Vietnamese population sad by leaving. I intended writing a post on all the leaving gifts but half have been boxed up already. My favourite though has to be this:

So what's next? Nothing's confirmed but we do know we're heading back to Sydney in the meantime.

New years eve we're off to Phuket for a couple of days, then Chiang Mai, then Bangkok, then back to Sydney directly from there.

Moving to Perth is still an option but nothing is confirmed as of yet - til then you'll have us back in town kids!

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  1. somehow i feel a bit sad you're saying goodbye to your awesome key-less apartment in hanoi.