Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hoi An: Pretty Much Lanterns & Tailors

Novelty lanterns

Drinking- bringing cultures together

This has got to be a touristy thing but goddamn I want more. Fried won ton with sweet and sour something

We need more colour in Sydney

This looks serene but for the last hundred metres I was heckled and yelled at every ten seconds

This is either for an emo rave party or something you shouldn't be touching

Pensive beach scene is being...pensive


Token picture of an old building

Token picture of the Japanese Bridge

This photo is here cause it's possibly one of the only normal photos Johnny has taken of me

Token lantern photo

I like this photo cause the women in the back look like my back-up dancers

Massive, creepy, still thinking about it NOMS. And the dimple, you can't forget the dimple.

For reals

More grey beaching

It's great watching a storm happen to someone else

This would be way more amazing if you were there

Naughty corner

Sometimes being forced to leave at 4:15am to catch a flight is worth it

Beach soccer war stories. My leg actually looks about 10 times worse then this now the bruise has come up

Everyone who said more photos, here we are, yay!

Last last weekend Johnny and I went down to Hoi An for the weekend. It was pretty exciting-well for me anyway, cause Johnnys work flew us down and I'm Asian and I love free stuff. Hell, everytime I ate the dirty bird at Ogilvy the free-ness made it taste that little bit better. It's ingrained, I can't help it. I've also never been down there before and everyone I've spoken to has loved it. Johnny on the other hand had to be all work like and spend all day Saturday in a workshop. Fun.

We stayed a 5 star resort which was cool but it was a bit confusing then why they didn't have any conditioner. Shampoo but not conditioner. Just sayin.

What was exciting was that we were on a beach. A beach without garbage. Even though it was warm (I really can't get used to that) and very grey it hit the spot. It definitely made us long for an Aussie beach *sigh*.

I did get some dresses made- I didn't plan to but got completely caught up in it all. I got this dress copied and despite being really stressed at the time because I felt like I got ripped off, I love them now and happy I did. One is hot pink with polka dots and AWESOME. And yep, they were all made overnight.

Morning Glory is worth mentioning and if you're in Hoi An it's the first place you need to head to to eat. I'm getting creepy just thinking about the food. Without a doubt it's the best Vietnamese food I've had ever. Up until this point everything I've had in Vietnam has been okay but I've always thought it was better in Sydney (purely cause of produce). This blew us away. Every dish we had was amazing- how is that even possible. Damn. I should have bought the cookbook- it was $40 and I was being a cheapskate but now I regret it!

Another highlight was a impromptu game of beach soccer in the dark with all 25+ work crew and partners. Most of the girls cheered on but were all forced to play at some point. That explains my bruise. All I wanted to do is steal the ball off Johnny once in my lifetime and I can now tick that off the list. That and scoring a goal in a kick-off.

Bang bang.


  1. grey clouds on the beach looks creepy but awesome. the 4am sky looks amazing! and beach soccer looks violent. i can't wait to go there!! where are the photos of the ripped off dresses?

  2. of the dresses coming soon!

  3. Love the lanterns on the first photo!
    Have you been doing any more training with your back up dancers yet ;-)
    Want to see the dresses as well!