Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wedding

The invitation

I actually liked the balloons

Rumptin & Jeramy

Plastic cake

Wedding fare- 12 dishes between 4 of us

I'm for more exploding glitter in the world

Weddings are about parents

Novelty dry ice

Classical quartet

Wedding attire. The girl in the middle had massive boobs.

Old guy filming us for about 5 minutes

The hall

We really were there! Awful angle...

Last last Tuesday we went to the wedding of one of Johnnys colleagues. I was pretty excited to see what the deal was, especially when I found out there was going to be about 800 people attending. I was even more excited to hear that it was only going to go for an hour an a half (gotta love efficiency).

The night went like this:
+ We rock up, and get sat down FRONT and CENTRE. Basically the closer then every other person in the room. They insisted that's where we were supposed to be as we watched all the other collegues sit down in the back corner. Start eating.

+ 30 second speech by someone, the parents all enter, then the bride and groom. Continue eating.

+ Bride and groom put rings on each others fingers, cut a fake cake, and pour fake champagne (all up <5 minutes). We continue eating.

+ Bride and groom say hello to each of the tables. A quartet starts playing. We keep eating.

+ Random group in questionable wedding outfits get up on stage and sing. We later find out they're famous for being on "Vietnamese Idol".

+ An old guy films us up close and everyone pretty much leaves.

The magic of getting married!

On a side note, we were in Hoi An last weekend and finally made it to a beach! More in the next update.

Hope everyone is surviving the cold!

J&J x

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