Friday, June 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I don't think I can ever not have a hat stand again. For the first time ever, my bags and hat have a real home.

Living/ dining room- the kitchen is to the right

Kitchen to the left, bedrooms to the right

Ovenless kitchen- the laundry is hidden behind the door at the end

The balcony- for looks only

The guest room- this is where you get to stay if you visit! I think we blanket failed though. There's a massive window where the curtains are and you get your own bathroom too!

Our room. I was waiting to out on pretty sheets before I took this photo but our cleaner has a strange system where nothing ever properly matches so this is as close as I'm going to get.

Err...this is our bathroom. I feel odd posting this but it's possibly the biggest bathroom I'm going to have in my life. Check out that mirror!

One of the things I've said to everyone is how much I love our apartment here- and finally, the photos!

Things I love about our apartment:
:: the fact we have space and we aren't squished in. This is probably why it's hard to leave it sometimes! It's also the perfect apartment for us to be living together for the first time. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!

:: one of the best things is the fact that we have a keypad door lock instead of keys. Even though keys are so small it's one thing we never have to worry about. I appreciate this every single day.

:: everything matches. I put it all down to Johnnys good taste of course (no sarcasm at all!). Everything is in neutral tones and really minimal. Very "adult" and I love it. I had visions of doing lots of things to it, but I'm loving it as it is- now I'm used to it, anything else just feel like clutter. I think we've lucked out too because apparently it isn't the norm to have bright open spaces because of "ghosts".

:: lots of storage- although we don't really have that much stuff

:: it's in a nice building with a fancy (compared to lots of other places) lobby. It's nice to walk in to somewhere quiet and nice. We also have a shopping centre next door.

And, just to balance out the glory, here are the things that suck:
:: WOODWORMS, we had our wood replaced, and.......there's another one in there

:: we don't have an oven. I've realised I've whinged about this enough to the point of being annoying so I'm just going to buy one soon to put everyone at ease

:: noise: I don't find it so bad but let's just say, because of sound bouncing off the building next door we're never going to be using that pretty balcony in the photo

:: we're kinda far from "things". Imagine the centre of town, most things are to the north- we're to the south. It's not really that far, but enough to not want to go...

:: Johnny doesn't like lots of other things but I forget what they are. I know one is that the people that work here suck, but I've resigned to the fact that service is pretty crap everywhere

So there we go. We still don't know how long we're here for so I'm revelling in this while I can. Let's not ignore the fact that we would never, never (at least in the foreseeable future) have this in Sydney. So come visit while you can! x

* Just a reminder- our Facebook access is pretty crap, so if you want to get in touch the best way is e-mail/twitter/msn.


  1. you'd better still be there when i come for a visit. your guest room looks bigger than my own bedroom!! and your bathroom looks like hotel's! so nice, so adult, so neat (did you clean up everything before you took pics??)

  2. I am so jealous of your new place there are no words and no enough shades of green to describe!!!

  3. Of course I cleaned everything up! Though it pretty much looks like this most of the time. My bathroom is bigger then my old room when I was a kid!

  4. I recognise the coat stand from Ikea, almost bought it.

    Shouldn't you have a water dispenser instead of covering the bottle with a cloth?

    Cleaners never match anything unless you specifically tell them to, mine doesn't either.

  5. they have ikea in vietnam? indo is so far behind.