Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our First Visitors!

I haven't updated for a while. I've been awfully busy you see. Lots of busy housewife duties. Riding my bike. Falling off. Doing a cooking class. Making cupcakes in the microwave. That kind of stuff.

One of the other things that has kept me away was preparing for our very first visitors, Aimee and Miss Maddie. You might be thinking, "preparing, really ?", and if you are you are indeed forgetting that this is very important work when you aren't actually,err, working. It included such things as buying new sets of crockery (well it was a good excuse to), buying a new bedset because the current one "didn't look comfy enough", hanging an oversized fabric frame, lunch menu planning and buying bathroom products that are all in the same hue. Cause it's about the details.

If only I had made three types of cake too. Oh well, next time.

Having Aimee and Maddie here was very exciting and crazy to hear how different Hanoi was not so very long ago. To think that no-one wore shorts, there were hardly any taxis and there were no tall buildings a few-ish years ago makes me feel very lucky that we can pretty much get everything we need now. Plus of course it was awesome having an adorable, happy baby in the house! Everyone loves babies.

Next up is my trip to Malaysia for a couple of days to visit the clan and meet up with Ray. Then Laura comes in less then 3 weeks (her, Johnny and I are all flying into Hanoi in the same day- crazy). I'm super excited. We're going to do a crazy trip of Halong Bay and Sapa in less then a week. And I'm going to make her ride a bike. And walk. And eat dodgy food. And show her my non-existent awkward Vietnamese skills. Can't wait!

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